When consigning items at the auction:

Warther's Originals is taking items by appointment during COVID. Contact Jon for appointment at 864-710-0025.

Warther's Originals auctions are ABSOLUTE AUCTIONS, which means EVERYTHING will sell.  We charge a 25% commission for General Merchandise items, and a 20% commission for Antique Merchandise.

• Please ensure you are bringing the correct merchandise for the correct auction during that week. You can check out our auction schedule here.  Warther's Originals does not save General Merchandise items for future auctions. Note: If owner, Jon Warther, finds antique items, those may be saved for the next antique auction.

• Sellers must check with the front desk to be assigned a lot number, obtain a consignment form, and a table to set up items.

• Sellers are responsible for unpacking all items and making box lots. All items must be numbered by the seller as well. Note: If items are not numbered they will be forfeited.

• If you have heavier/larger items and our staff is available, we will be happy to help you unload. Seller's may call before bringing items to check for staff availablity.  

Old televisionsprinters
Other out of date electronics
Remaining items from yard sales  

If you are a dealer or sell at other venues, you are required to remove all price tags and labels from your items.

We appreciate all your help and look forward to working with everyone who wishes to sell through Warther's Auctions.